Computer Repair Suwanee When in Need of PC Repair

Computer Repair Suwanee When in Need of PC Repair

I feel so jealous of anyone living in the beautiful state of Georgia! Oh it’s so beautiful and the people are so friendly. I’ve visited Suwanee, Georgia before when a friend of mine started her own business there with her husband. I was to happy for them. They now have such a good life, working with their business and taking care of their 3 kids. is the company for the local communities.

With all the laptops and desktops in every home now, a computer repair company is exactly what they needed in Suwanee.

Computer Repair Suwanee

If you have those pesty viruses that make you seem like you’re crazy when using your computer, than you definitely need to have your computer examined, so to speak lol.

Or if you can’t even work on your laptop, it’s showing a blank screen and won’t do anything, call Computer Repair Suwanee.

Having had computer issues while traveling, it was like I was out of water!

That’s how much we all use our electronics, especially our laptops. So, when in Georgia in the beautiful city of Suwanee and in need of a fix-it-up type of help for your laptop, visit them.

What if your computer is running so slow, you can actually leave for 5 minutes and come back and it’s still loading! Ugh…..

Been there, done that!

You don’t have to deal with those types of problems when you can have it fixed immediately and for an affordable price.

I highly recommend Computer Repair Suwanee when visiting or living in this gorgeous city. It is a friendly and professional business eager to please all customers with their computer/laptop issues.

Need to get the word out for my friend’s business, afterall, I connect people with businesses all over the world.

Come back and read more articles, okay!

If You Live In Oklahoma, You Need Storm Shelters OKC

If You Live In Oklahoma, You Need Storm Shelters OKC

You wanna know a scary fact? Here it is, Oklahoma City has had more tornado strikes than any other city in the entire United States. That’s all I would need to hear if I lived in Oklahoma to get my booty to go check out Storm Shelters OKC, that’s for dang sure! Especially, when it is the so-called ‘tornado season’. The season for tornadoes is usually from March through August. Just know though, that tornadoes can hit any time of the year!

Here is the site:

There is also a time of day that tornadoes usually occur. I didn’t even realize that fact. The statistics are that more than 80 per cent of all tornadoes hit between noon and midnight.

Knowing the above, living in Oklahoma, knowing it’s the most-hit state for tornadoes, please do your family a favor and call a storm shelter company . Then once you have it, it’s important to register its location with the City. By registering your shelter’s location, it will let rescue workers know you have a shelter and where to find you and your family if a disaster hits. (Call the Action Center at 405 297-2535 to register your storm shelter).

So, now that you and your family have the storm shelter, you then need to regularly practice having your family go there as if there were a tornado coming. Also, make sure you have ‘disaster supplies’ inside the shelter. Here’s a list that may come in handy:

– Flashlight & batteries
– Portable, battery operated radio and extra batteries
– First aid kit
– Emergency food and water
– Can opener
– Medicines
– Cash and credit cards
– Extra clothes/shoes
– A set of keys to vehicles
– Some kind of identification

Whatever else you can think of that is important to your family! Take this seriously all residents of Oklahoma…Thanks everyone for reading my blog posts. Please leave any comments below.